ICM Final Project Proposal

I recently put together a proposal for a fairly complicated installment in an escape-room style walk-through theatrical show.


It’s not practical to think about all of it for this project, but I wanted to see if I could simulate a small piece of it here. I’m hoping to create a panel of buttons that will constitute my installation’s input. The installation will have two outputs, one based in a screen, and one coming out of a projector. When the correct input is entered, an animated character that I’m putting together for my Comm Lab class will crawl up out of the screen and onto the wall behind the screen

IMG_0466 copy.jpg

If I have time, I would also like to make the creature jump out from one wall and land on the wall behind the user.


I’m merging this project with my PComp final. There’s obviously a fair amount of physical computing going on here, and there will be a fair amount of software coding as well. The videos involved in this project will be pre-recorded, they will be triggered using Processing, and they will be fed to the displays through Syphon and MadMapper.

As of right now, I feel like this should be an achievable and exciting project. I’m hoping it all comes together in time!