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I am a filmmaker and projection designer for live performance based in Denver, Colorado. I've been a multimedia specialist for theatrical productions since 2012, and I am currently pursuing a master’s through New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

Projection Design


Phamaly Theatre Company produces musicals with a cast of entirely physically handicapped actors. For their 2017 production of Annie, I created a design combining forms of Art Deco, Constructivism, and the art of the Harlem Renaissance to create a contemporary look that still felt period-appropriate.


Techniques ranging from stop-motion meat animation to actually setting a model of the set on fire were used as content to help tell this contemporary adaptation of Mary Shelley's classic.


black odyssey

Marcus Gardley's powerful play about the African-American experience required projections to create the mystical world in which the piece is set.


All The Way

Two projectors behind a 40-foot wide curved screen were used for the projection design in All the Way. Content inspired by the work of 60's design legend Saul Bass was used to help establish context for the play.


How can sound be portrayed visually? That was the task laid out in Nina Raine's script for Tribes, a play that explores cultural identity in the deaf community.



November 2018


November 2011

This film is look at the benefits and drawbacks of human cooperation and the role of mass media in that conflict. A composite project drawn with ink on paper, scanned in and painted in ToonBoom Studio, and assembled with traveling mattes in After Effects. My undergraduate honors thesis for the CU Boulder film program.


BFD Loop

February 2011

Sometimes simple works best. After creating a complex, time-consuming ad for the CU Boulder film festival, as an afterthought I created this ink-and-paper animation loop to be played in the lobby of the film studies building. While my commercial wasn't seen much, I heard people talking about this loop all throughout the building and around campus.

Drag Machine Takeoff

September 2012

My first work for the DCPA, this piece was projected onto two screens behind drag performers for the opening number of the show Drag Machine. Our spaceship takes off, then guides us through "Gay Space" to various iconic moments in the LGBT rights movement.


 Interaction Design


December 2018

An escape room-style installation combining elements of physical computing with an Arduino, programming in Java and traditional animation.


May 2019

My final project for Live Image Processing, this piece combines live audio and visuals with pre-rendered animation to tell a story about the cycle of resources across three different environments.

Do Not PUsh

October 2018

An installment asking participants to interact in a simple way, with surprising results.


Whose City?

Summer 2010

In the winter of 2010, the homeless community in Boulder staged a protest at city council, causing them to issue a moratorium of a controversial anti-camping ordinance.

Off-Center Highlights




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