Color Exercise

I’ve worked with colors before. Everyone has worked with colors to a certain extent. We’ve all put together colors to see what goes well with what, and what we colors we intuitively feel help to tell our story.

So with this project, rather than relying on intuition, I wanted to take some of the mathematical color theory that we learned about last class and apply it here. so I set up a series of adjustment layers in Photoshop that, given a certain input, would automatically generate one new complementary color and three highlight colors that form a triad

The complementary color was set to be a 180° difference from the main color, making its complement. The first of the highlight triad was set to be analagous from the original at 35° hue separation. The other two were set at 120° from that one, forming the triad. Brightness and saturation are consistent through all of the colors.


Great, now we just need to pick a solid starting place.


Enh, not quite….


Whoa, that’s weird. Something to keep in mind for a future project, but not what I’m looking for here.


Hey, that looks pretty good. I dig it. Now to cut it up into some fun patterns and paste it onto some pictures that I took on a backpacking trip last summer -


And add some color…


Looks pretty solid to me.

*side note - I have no idea how to use Instagram. I tried.