This is the logo for my partner’s theater company in Denver.


I’m hoping to make a bas-relief replica of that logo that the company can hang up at events. I imported the file into Vectorworks, then traced it and separated out layers that could be cut out at different depths with different bits.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 7.23.29 PM.png

After an awfully long time on the MasterCAM machine exporting out each layer, I began the work of cutting out everything with the CNC router.


I started by cutting out the larger circle, then I used the ½” bit to pocket out the skin and hair areas at the proper depths, then used a special bit to cut out the finer lines.


When I was about one cut away from finishing, I realized I needed to make a small adjustment on the z-Axis. I paused the machine, re-zeroed, then clicked start. Nothing happened the software was stuck. I clicked “reset,” thinking that maybe that would fix it, and the mill went back to zero, plowing through much of what I had already cut.

I tried to fix it by pocketing down the large circle to below where the gouge had happened, but it left the whole thing a lot uglier than it had been before.


I needed to cut my losses on the big circle background. Fortunately, I still had all the pieces cut out for the sphinx itself, which is what I’ll be focusing on in class tomorrow. I sanded each piece down until they were smooth, then took some different shades of wood stain to it.

IMG_0923 2.JPG

After some stain and tung oil, I have my sphinx. I think it’s looking pretty good, and I’m excited to rebuild the outer circle so that everything fits together.