Project Development - Dream, Vision, Goal, Plan

Dream- I want to create experiences that will change the way people think about the what art can do for a community. I would like to make interactive experiences that can be at once intimate and massive in scale. I hope to accomplish this by mixing together animation, projection design and interaction design.


Vision – I would like to create an interactive video installation that will play on Denver’s downtown clock tower. I hope to take advantage of a new initiative by the Denver Theatre District to install projectors to map onto the tower, and to use that in conjunction with street level interaction design to give Denver’s residents a unique and special experience.


Goal – Over the course of this semester, I will be creating a pitch for the Denver Theatre District on my plan for what the clock tower will look like. I will create a roughly 3-minute animated segment for the piece, and storyboard out 20 minutes worth of additional material. I will also create the interactive elements, and test out the system with projectors on a miniature scale model.


Plan –

February 20th – Have a script for the video element, and have a larger plan for exactly what the piece will do and what it will mean.

March 6th – Have an animatic put together of the video element that will clearly demonstrate what is laid out verbally in the script. Complete a virtual mock-up of the interactive element.

March 13th – Use my final project for Subtraction: Cutting to create a scale model miniature of the clock tower that will be used for my final presentation in class.

March 20th – Go back to Denver for spring break. Communicate with the Denver Theatre district about my hopes for the project. Put together a pitch using what I’ve already made.

April 18th – Finish video element.

May 2nd – Finish interactive element.

May 11th – Demonstrate at ITP winter show.