Project Development Week 3

I’m beginning to feel like function might be following form on this project. And I’m not convinced that that’s a bad thing. This tower has three columns of windows running up the side. I think that that’s a good enough excuse for the piece to be set in three distinct environments, and, this being an installation for the capitol city of Colorado, I decided that those three environments could be animated interpretations of the mountains, the city, and the plains.

clocktower photo copy.jpg

So I need to make three environments, and I need to make some sort of in-between area to go in the middle of those segments. I figured I’d start with the mountains, since I had I already had made some material could possibly fit quite well for that in a class last semester.


So maybe I can take some of the wobbly paper idea from that project and apply it to the format of the watchtower, maybe making a loop of the sky, too.


…Enh. I’ll call that a starting point. Maybe I can start working on the in-between space. I’m hoping to make some specific mapping around all of the windows, so maybe I can create a cool series of watercolors around a PDF of the windows that I was given.

colorWindow 5.jpeg

Ok, so now to loop that into a video, and maybe add in an adjustment layer masked out by some fractal noise…


Ok, that looks like something exciting to build off of. I think I’ll need to keep exploring in this direction, and figure out what the narrative will be based around what looks good. Again, function feels like it’s following form, but again, I’m not convinced that that’s a bad thing.