PComp Final - Proposal

I recently put together a proposal for a fairly complicated installment in an escape-room style walk-through theatrical show.


It’s not practical to think about all of it for this project, but I wanted to see if I could simulate a small piece of it here. I’m hoping to create a panel of buttons that will constitute my installation’s input. Two screens will constitute the installation’s output.


if the correct input is received, an animated character will move, similar to what happened with my PComp midterm.

Scan 1.jpeg

This time, however, instead of a simple biting movement, the creature will leap out of the screen and appear on a second screen behind the user. The user will be made aware of the video behind them because of sound coming out of a speaker.

As of right now, I feel like this should be an achievable and exciting project. My biggest concern right now is being able to control the lighting in the space, which would be necessary to pull off the illusion that I’m hoping to achieve. On those same lines, my professor has said that “walk-through experiences” that require control of the space are tough to pull off, so I’m curious to hear suggestions.