Blog 1

Last Sunday I went to an escape room. My roommate had some friends in from out of town, so we all went as a group. I didn’t know how familiar with escape rooms the rest of the crew was, so I figured I’d go with one that was of moderate difficulty, and not too scary. We settled on the Frankenstein room from Komnata quest.

The experience started with the four of us in a small section of the room with nearly all of the lights out. They had taken our phones at the door, so we couldn’t see the whole room. The only light source was coming from a switch near the bottom of the grate that was holding us in. Our first puzzle was literally turning on a light.

Which sounds basic, but it was honestly my favorite moment in the whole room. Once the lights turned on, I felt the limitations of the actual room. The room was decked out in steampunky décor, which felt appropriate enough for a Frankenstein story. His monster was lying down behind a glass case. As we found clues, we were able to activate switches for “head”, “body”, “arms” and “legs”, and each part moved as we through the switches. His eyes lit up as his head moved. It looked a bit like something from a Halloween store.

We wound up solving it in a little over a half an hour. Komnata quest had some scarier, more involved rooms, and I kind of which I had done one of those.