Self-Reflection Exercise

In our first week of class, I talked with Adrian Bautista.

Adrian is great at figuring out solutions to technical problems. He also excels at communicating ideas, and finding the fun in things, which he hopes comes through in his work.

He loves food, adventure and discovering new things, especially about people. He really enjoys hearing other people’s stories and finding out new things about them. He hopes to carry that passion over into his work by using new media to tell underrepresented narratives. He was particularly interested in a museum exhibit he saw on the de-commissioned aircraft carrier the USS Intrepid. In the exhibit, he saw only a small corner dedicated to Filipino sailors. He hopes to take stories like that, which too often stay stashed away in a corner, and bring them to the forefront.

He said that he sometimes struggles with task management and follow-through. He says it can be difficult to stick with a project to completion. I have to say I really sympathize with that. He said that he sometimes finds himself skimming along on the surface of a problem, and he wants to challenge himself to go deeper. Skimming a concept on surface-level is obviously something fairly common amongst all people, and not just Adrian. But Adrian says that this can be limiting, especially in the way we talk about new technology. A lack of understanding of a new tech can be limiting on how we see its potential.